At ZEPP RECORDS, we've long-proclaimed the superiority of music on vinyl. They are steeped in history and have been loved for aeons by audiophiles around the world. Since its inception, our goal has been to provide an exhilarating experience to anyone who finally decides to hop on the record collecting train and make your collection both look and sound better than ever. That’s why we’re the country’s pioneering record store having sold over 2,000 vinyl records to date, from music produced in the ’60s to contemporary music. 

We’ve made it easy for you to discover your favourite albums and even uncover some hidden classics in the process as you sift through our shop by genre, artist, colour vinyl, curated collections, and more- either online or in-person.
From that distinctly warm 'Analog Sound' to lossless audio quality and overall nostalgic feel, buying records remains a worthy investment.

But that’s not all you’ll find here. From Turntables, Amplifiers/Speakers, Vinyl Cleaning Accessories to Books, ZEPP RECORDS has it all!